Paradise Ridge Winery
Herd of sheep grazing on the vineyard


Sustainable Paradise

Sustainability and stewardship

For over 40 years the Byck Family has been conscientious stewards of their land.

This legacy created a culture of sustainability and thoughtful stewardship, which now is one of Paradise Ridge Winery’s core values. The dedication to doing what is right begins with the land and extends into the community. After the 2017 Wildfire, steps were taken to restore the health of the estate, with a focus on biodiversity. The commitment to sustainability influences every decision we make. From water to weddings, we think and act locally and sustainably.

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The estate is farmed with future generations in mind. One of the great fortunes of the Paradise Ridge property is that it is self-sufficient for water. The water is mindfully used, appreciating the scarcity of this natural resource. After the fires, the vineyard irrigation system was restructured to pinpoint specific zones, giving us the ability to water only areas as needed. This system saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year.

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In the spring of 2018 sheep were re-introduced onto the property. The sheep allow for natural management of weeds and grasses, avoiding mechanization, which in turn nurtures the health of the soil. Sheep offer some of the best natural fertilizers possible. Grazing open space has the added benefit of mitigating the risk from fires.

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Bee Garden

As part of our goal to increase biodiversity, we partnered with a local Girl Scouts troop to use native plants to restore the damage from the wildfires. The goal was to bring back the native bee population, an important player in a healthy environment. Native plants also provide nectar for other pollinators including hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, and bats.

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Native Species

We use only natural pesticides or herbicides on the property, which is at the core of creating an environment that is friendly to native species. By leaving the property as a wildlife corridor, we regularly see Bob Cats, Coyotes, Raccoons, on rare occasions the more elusive Mountain Lions and Badgers. Many species of birds call Paradise home, including Red-tail Hawks, Cooper’s Hawk, Kestrels, and the Californian Quail. We also added Owl Boxes which are also used as homes for rescued baby barn owls.

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In our vineyards, we have taken biodiversity underground by introducing ‘Biochar’ (a nutrient-rich natural organic charcoal) to encourage as many microorganisms as possible. The highly porous charcoal helps soils retain nutrients and water. It also creates the equivalent of ‘luxury condos’ for the underground bugs that help feed our vines. The addition of biochar can hold carbon in the soil for hundreds and thousands of years.

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Paradise Ridge environmental responsibility also includes:

∙ Installing and using solar power.
∙ Utilizing “Green” packaging.
∙ Sourcing from local producers when possible.
∙ Recommending event vendors who are our Sonoma County neighbors.
∙ Using “Falcon Kites”, an eco-friendly method to mitigate bird damage to our grapes.